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HBS Dynamic Women in Business Conference

Saturday, February 25, 2017
8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Cambridge, MA

Harvard Business School

The HBS Women’s Student Association Conference seeks to connect, empower and celebrate the next generation of women leaders. Our theme this year is “Women, Empowered.” We hope to promote discussions on what it means to be empowered and what it means to hold power by posing questions to panelists and keynotes such as: What am I looking for in my career, and is power a factor? What does it mean to me to have a position of power, and does that impact who I am as a leader? Who empowered me throughout my early career, and how? What does it look like to find a mentor? What can I do to empower others in their careers? Do men and women think similarly about power and empowerment? We are excited to have you think about and discuss this theme as you get ready to attend the conference!

We’ll feature three exciting keynotes, ample networking opportunities, and a wide range of panels.


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