Enhancing Your Personal Brand for Career Success Webinar

Monday, October 13, 2014
1:00 PM - 2:00 PM

A Woman's Framework for a Successful Career and LifeThe majority of college students are focused on getting good grades and participating in clubs and events.  So how do you really stand out when you start interviewing for jobs and internships?  What are the key skills that you need to practice and become proficient in to land that coveted internship?  

In this webinar, James Hamerstone and Lindsay Musser Hough, co-authors of A Woman’s Framework for a Successful Career and Life, will discuss:

  • Key skills for communicating and personal branding that will help you during the job search and interview process, as well as in class
  • The importance of developing and utilizing mentors and advisors to guide you in critical decisions
  • Once you have your dream job, how do you negotiate and assert yourself in a positive way?

If you want to strengthen and hone your career-building skills, then this webinar is a MUST for you!

Presented by:

James HamerstoneJames E. Hamerstone
Gettysburg College

At Gettysburg College, James Hamerstone teaches courses in International Management, Human Resource Management, and created a seminar based on Women in Organizations. As a result of developing the “Women in Organizations” seminar, he has been able to engage in conversations with young women who, at twenty years old, are already struggling to envision what their career path may look like in the current economy. Over the last eighteen months, he has conducted numerous interviews with women who are senior executives that allowed them to reflect on their experiences and link them to the challenges facing young women who are just entering the workforce. Prior to teaching, he was a Senior Human Resource Executive at TRW for 30 years, a 60,000 employee space, defense and automotive supply company.  He has a Masters degree from Harvard where he focused on organizational behavior.

Lindsay Musser-HoughLindsay Musser Hough

Lindsay has worked in the management consulting industry for over 15 years. Lindsay’s area of consulting expertise is in assisting government agencies transform their business process and operating models to address budget gaps, new policies and citizen demands. She has worked with clients ranging from the US Transportation Security Administration to the PA Department of Public Welfare. Prior to her consulting career, Lindsay was an evaluator at the U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) and served as a research assistant at Independent Sector, an organization focused on strengthening the nonprofit and philanthropic community. She has a masters degree in Public Administration from American University. Lindsay has two young children and lives with her husband Adam, a criminal investigator.

Targeted specifically at women just entering or re-entering the workforce, A Woman's Framework for a Successful Career and Life is a comprehensive resource for any woman navigating her career while seeking balance in her life. The authors lay out the building blocks of a successful lifelong career, focusing on blending skills such as communication, negotiation, leadership, career path navigation, ambition, mentoring, work-life fit, and personal branding, all of which need to be done in a global environment. Each topic includes a summary of key research and offers realistic, concrete suggestions for how any woman can achieve success in both her career and life.

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