Career Quest Part 2: Determine Your Destination

Wednesday, May 2, 2018
8:00 PM - 9:00 PM


It takes both introspection and vision to plan a professional path that taps into your strengths, stimulates your curiosity and delivers satisfying challenges over a lifetime. Through this Career Quest series, you will discover what motivates you and begin charting a smart course to your energizing and rewarding career.

In episode one of the Career Quest series we found out what drives you—now you need someplace to go.

In this episode you'll explore potential endpoints: think big, consult your internal and external navigators and plant your flag at a distance. An inspiring ambition will keep you from wandering too far off the road.

Taking a look through these pre-work exercises will prepare you for the webinar on May 2:

  • Conduct A Survey (30 minutes)—Make a copy of this survey. Update with your name and send it to at least 5 people, who know you from a range of contexts.
  • Complete The 100 Jobs Exercise (10 minutes)—Rank order the top 12 of these 100. Don't place too much emphasis on your current skills and abilities. Think instead about what you would be excited to wake up to do. Dream job(s) not on the list? Add it to yours. Enter your results here.
  • Create a Vision Board in PowerPoint (1 hour)—You can divide the slide into four quadrants for career, health & wellness, love &l relationships, and creativity. Arrange images on a powerpoint slide, unless you are partial to cutting out pictures from magazines and pasting on poster board.

The webinar is presented by:

Emily TaylorEmily Taylor
Founder, NextStep

Emily Taylor recognized how college students and those early in their careers were not getting the proper guidance to determine the right career path or the tactical skills to get there. So she started NextStep, which provides career coaching and grad school admission consulting to top performers.

For over 6 years, Emily served as the Director of MBA Career Education at UCLA Anderson. She taught a 6-month career management course to over 2,000 first-year MBA students in addition to designing in-person workshops, running virtual trainings and coaching students 1-on-1. During her time at Anderson, the career center became the highest rated of the top 20 business schools. Previously, Emily was the Vice President of Talent at Revolution Prep, the largest classroom based SAT test prep provider in the country. As Vice President, she oversaw Human Resources, Recruiting, Training & Development, Internal Communications and Company Culture. Previously, as the National Director of Training & Instruction, she was the product manager for the core product and ran the Entrepreneurial Management Program.

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