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The MBALaunch Application Module is designed to connect MBALaunchers with a variety of advisors: MBA alumnae, current MBA students, and admissions experts. This approach will provide Launchers with a variety of perspectives an advice to help prepare them for their MBA journey.

Peer Group Advising and Jam Sessions

Each Launcher will be matched with a group of 8-12 peers by location and 1-2 Peer Group Advisors (MBA Alumnae and Current MBA Students) that will attend the meetings and help answer questions and provide insights. Your peer group is an important part of encouragement, support, and networking. Each Launcher will plan and facilitate at least one session. Jam Session meetings will be scheduled monthly throughout the duration of the program.

Office Hour Experts

During the last week of each month, Forté will host Office Hours. Office Hour appointments are 15 minute telephone or skype conversations hosted by subject matter experts on a variety of MBA admissions topics. Topics will include: Admissions Questions, Career Services Questions, Financing Questions, School Choice, Part-time MBA, International MBA, etc.

Current MBA Student Contacts

Launchers will be able to connect with current MBA women at Forté sponsor schools. These students will be a resource for the Launchers to learn about student life as well as help understand more about some of their schools of choice.

Host Cities and Kick-off Dates

Atlanta Mar. 1, 2019
Boston Feb. 15, 2019
Chicago Feb. 22, 2019
Houston Feb. 22, 2019
Los Angeles Mar. 8, 2019
New York Feb. 15 & Mar. 8, 2019
San Francisco Feb. 15, 2019
Seattle Feb. 22, 2019
Toronto Mar. 8, 2019
Wash., D.C. Feb. 1 & 9, 2019
London Mar. 1, 2019

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