Financial Services FAST Track

Financial Services FAST Track

Growing the Pipeline of Women Interested in Financial Services 

2011 Corporate Sponsors:



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At Forté, we are committed to inspiring the best and brightest young women in the country to pursue the many challenging and fulfilling careers available to them in business. In June of 2008 we continued in that tradition by launching our first industry-specific program: the Financial Services FAST Track (FSFT).

    * Created to encourage women to consider a career in finance.
    * Offers candid descriptions of career experiences, expectations and opportunities in finance.
    * Showcases the leadership, innovation and intellectual capital of our FSFT corporate sponsors.
    * Differentiates Forté companies as the best place to work for high performance women in financial services.

Forté understands the multi-dimensional interests that drive the career and life decisions of our female future leaders: business, family, and contributions to a global community. The FAST Track addresses those needs through our innovative programming over the course of their career.

Feature Articles

Learn more about life inside our sponsor firms by taking a glimpse at the

experiences of recent interns and full time employees.

New Features include:

How to Make a Good Impression—the First 90 Days 
Erin Daly, Citigroup
Your first impression can having long-lasting effects at your new job.  Learn how one new graduate made the transition from student to financial analyst.

How to Make the Most of Your Internship 
Eddwina Gregg, Citigroup 
Make sure you’re summer internship is a success.  Find out what one student did to prepare and stay focused. 

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The Best Advice I Ever Received
Jennifer Scully, Goldman, Sachs & Co.
Receiving advice from mentors can help mold and shape your career path.  Gain advice on how to get support from those important people around you.  

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2011 Conference Resource Section

Join the Forte FAST Track LinkedIn Group – For conference attendees only.  Stay connected to FAST Track attendees and sponsors.  Read updates and useful information on Finance Careers and provide your own tips and ideas on the career search process.  And be sure to join the FAST Track LinkedIn Group.

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A Career in Financial Services: Is it Right for You?
It’s easy to close your eyes and imagine what your life would be like, starting out in a financial services career, perhaps as an investment banker, a bond trader, a research analyst or an investment manager.But understanding exactly what a career in financial services entails, or even what the term, “financial services” refers to, is far from simple. So, let’s ask the so-called stupid question: What are financial services? And what function do these services play in the world?

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Financial Industry Career Options
So, you want to work in Investment Management, Investment Banking, Corporate Banking, or Sales and Trading … here’s what it will be like:

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Financial Services: Myths and Facts
You've heard all of the myths now get some facts and learn more about the financial services industry.

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Webinars & Podcasts

Career in Finance Webinar: Online Office Hours
Our FSFT corporate sponsors joined large audiences online for a 1-hour office hours session to present information about their firm and answer everyone’s questions. Did you miss it? Don’t worry—click below to access the webinar recording.


Podcast Series
During our June Conference for incoming MBA’s Forté made a special effort to interview the speakers so that you could learn from the Conference as well. A three-part series, the FSFT podcast will take you inside the world of financial services, the role of negotiating and what it takes to be good, and insights on managing your career over time in this industry.

  • Episode #1:
    Overview of Financial Services: The Big Picture
    This three-part series explores careers in financial services through conversations with top women executives at several major firms. They talk about the range of career opportunities for women interested in finance, how to build a career for the long-term and the importance of knowing how to negotiate. In our first episode, you'll hear from Professor Laura Born and several vice presidents and managing directors from Goldman, Sachs & Co., Citi, Fidelity and Deutsche Bank.

  • Episode #2:
    Corporate citizenship and managing your career over time
    Once you get established in a career in financial services field, how do you manage that career over time? What are the range of options and possibilities for women in financial services? In this second installment, we hear from corporate leaders at Wachovia, Citi, Deutsche Bank and MetLife about defining their own path and creating career satisfaction. We also talk about corporate social responsibility and the options available to women in financial services who want to contribute in this arena.

  • Episode #3:
    Dealmaking and Negotiation
    Research suggests that many women struggle to build dealmaking and negotiation skills, two capabilities that are crucial for many careers in financial services. In this installment, we hear from Stacy Sonnenberg of Goldman Sachs and Susan Fleming Cabrera, who worked in private equity before pursuing academic research in management at Yale University. They talk about the research on women and negotiation and how to cultivate your negotiation skills for career success over the long term. 


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MBA Students

Financial Services FAST Track Conference
Incoming women MBA students from Forté schools are invited annually to submit an application to attend the Financial Services FAST Track Conference—a deep-dive into the industry. In 2010, we had over 90 women from 25 MBA Programs from around the United States and Europe apply for the FAST Track Conference. 

Women participating in the conference were offered an in-depth look at cross-functional views of finance and the opportunity to meet a variety of senior level professionals in the industry. The conference offered luncheons, seminars, panels and personal connections with top women in the field--that motivated and informed the smartest women in the country about the opportunities available to them in financial services. Click here to view the 2010 conference program.

STAY TUNED! The 2011 Financial Services FAST Track will be in June of 2011. Please mark your calendar and bookmark this web site. Additional information about the conference and how to apply will be available in March, 2011.

Event Presentations

Tips for Internship Recruiting
Download the Powerpoint Presentation, "Tips for Internship Recruiting" that was presented at the 2010 Financial Services FAST Track Conference with Deb Bertan, Director of Citi Campus Strategy and Diversity, Citi; Megan Connors, Assistant Vice President, CIB Graduate Resourcing, Deutsche Bank; Jennifer Kaplan, Americas Head of Campus Diversity Recruiting; Vicki Tung, Vice President, Human Capital Management, Goldman, Sachs & Co.

MBA Webinars
The FSFT want to continue to conversation with the MBA’s online and help them prepare for the re-launch of their career. Listen to past webinars:

  • November 16, 2009 Interview Do’s & Don’ts
    Corporate Panel: Citi, Deutsche Bank and Goldman, Sachs & Co.
    Webinar Recording>>
  • February 11, 2009 Managing Your Career Over Time
    Corporate Panel: Wachovia & MetLife
    Webinar Recording>>
  • November 17, 2008 Interview Do’s & Don’t’s
    Corporate Panel: Citi, Deutsche Bank, & Goldman, Sachs & Co.
    Webinar Recording>>
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Women of Leadership

former CFO of Shell Canada and MBA ’77 Queen’s University

"Finding balance in your life and a good fit in your workplace are greater attributors to success than anything else."

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Three of The Capital Group Companies’ women leaders share their career stories and offer tips for investing in life's important assets: You, your family and the community in which you live.

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Webinar Archive

2007 Industry Introductions for Undergrads: Financial Services presented by Bank of America

2008 Private Equity & Venture Capital: How to Break In

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