Recognizing the Achievements of
Women MBAs at Forté Sponsor Schools

Edie Hunt Inspiration Award

Forté would like to recognize the achievements of women MBAs at the Forté sponsoring schools. Named in honor of Forté's Board Chair Emeritus, Edie Hunt, this annual recognition will align with Forté's mission and be based on the contribution the individual has made to her school or community to advance women into business leadership positions. At our MBA Women's Leadership Conference in June, we will announce the winner of the Edie Hunt Inspiration Award.

Who can be nominated?
Second year MBA women currently enrolled in a
Forté sponsor school.
(For one-year programs, all full-time MBA women are eligible.)

Nominations will open in March 2015.

Selection Criteria

 In order to be nominated, a woman must be currently enrolled in a full-time program as a second year MBA student at a Forté sponsor school or enrolled full-time in a one-year program. She will exhibit a track record of working to increase and/or encourage women's interest in business school or business careers. The criteria for selection will include, but not be limited to:

  • Increasing women's interest in attending business school
  • Encouraging women into business careers
  • Leadership of student organization or initiative related to women
  • Active involvement in school activities recruiting women
  • Mentoring or counseling young women about business careers

Benefits for Recipient of the Edie Hunt Inspiration Award

  • $500 cash award and a $100 retail gift card
  • Complimentary transportation and accommodations for the MBA Women’s Leadership Conference
  • Free conference registration
  • Commendation for your resumé
  • Networking opportunities with Forté Board of Directors and senior executives at the MBA Women's Leadership Conference
  • Announcement and profile on Forté Foundation web site, newsletter, and an accompanying press release

If you have questions or comments, please contact Laurie Stewart.

Past Award Recipients

Chantel Adams Jacqui Cuffe Zoe Hillenmeyer Imani Grant Tiffany Niver

Chantel Adams
2014 Winner

Jacqui Cuffe
2014 Winner

Zoe Hillenmeyer
2013 Winner


Imani Grant
2012 Winner

Tiffany Niver
2012 Winner

Kima McCoy  Katie Hermann Rebekah Ahn  Gouri Shintri Rebecca Libby

Kima McCoy
2011 Winner

Katie Hermann
2011 Winner

Rebekah Ahn
2010 Winner

Gouri Shintri
2009 Winner

Rebecca Libby
2009 Winner

About Edie Hunt

Forté Foundation Board Chair Emeritus
Partner (retired)
Goldman Sachs

Edie Hunt

After graduating from the University of Pennsylvania and subsequently earning her MBA at the University of Chicago, Edie Hunt began her impressive career at Citibank. After a series of promotions, she joined J. Aron, a small private commodities trading company, where she assumed the role of Personnel Director. Eleven months later, Goldman Sachs bought J. Aron, and as a result, Edie eventually became the Chief Administrative Officer for Goldman Sachs’ Fixed Income division.

When the Fixed Income division merged with Currency and Commodities, she became increasingly involved in recruiting. She was named Co-COO for Human Capital Management and was promoted to Partner in 2004. From 2008 to 2011, Edie managed primarily diversity, recruitment, and training. In 2011, she retired as Partner but continued to serve as Advisory Director and Chief Diversity Officer for Goldman Sachs until the end of 2013.

Edie is actively involved in a number of charitable organizations — particularly those focused on education and the advancement of women. Such organizations include the mentoring program New Jersey Needs You and the Board of Trustees at St. Philip’s Academy.