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A Career on the Cutting Edge

The high-tech industry is a diverse field that encompasses many different professions related to the scientific, mathematical, and computational aspects of engineering or the applied sciences. It includes computer engineering, web design, and game development.

The relentless pace of technological innovation requires constant vigilance and a forward-thinking perspective. It also offers new and emerging opportunities at every turn. Careers in technology require independence and complex problem-solving. You may think that a career in tech requires staring at a screen all day in an isolated cubicle; but more often than not, technologists work in teams that own one part of a larger program or piece of software. All technology professionals must have the ability to work with others and to effectively communicate issues and solutions in understandable terms.

If you enjoy a high-paced environment and the excitement of being at the forefront of technological advances, a high-tech career might be for you. An undergraduate degree in a STEM field coupled with an MBA breaks you free from the cubicle, widening your perspective and increasing your impact on the big tech landscape.

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