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Forté Rising Star Initiative

Distinguish yourself with a new designation.

Forté's Rising Star designation benefits all majors—and earning it demonstrates your career readiness to top employers. Candidates master a five-part curriculum at their convenience—throughout college or in one year—focused on career exploration, event participation, job searching, networking, and MBA exploration. Your candidacy begins once you join with free college membership and start earning the 500 points needed to add Forté Rising Star to your resume.

Undergraduate women attending the following Forté Rising Star sponsor schools—or who received a special invitation via event participation—are invited to join this new initiative: Carnegie Mellon University, Cornell University, The George Washington University, Indiana University, New York University, The Ohio State University, University of Michigan, The University of Texas at Austin, William & Mary, and Yale University.

Rising Star Benefits

  1. Stand out to top employers
    Rock your Rising Star status by adding your candidacy — as well as the designation, once earned! — to your resume.
  2. Earn rewards as you master curriculum milestones
    Receive rewards each time you score 100 points that help you shine in resume books, interview preparation, mentoring relationships, and more.
  3. Learn about your many career possibilities, including job paths and MBA programs
    Explore cool careers, MBA benefits and requirements, and women's leadership events and webinars as you complete our curriculum.
  4. Build productive relationships with business leaders, MBA students, and career counselors
    Connect with career influencers — and serve in student and community leadership positions — as you master our networking curriculum.
  5. Jump start your job search — and earn points
    Polish and post your resume, create and enhance your LinkedIn profile, and leverage Forté's job resources as you rise to stardom (with Forté and your parents).

Rising Star Initiative Sponsors