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Forté Undergraduate Campus Leadership Summit

Registration Closed for Spring 2023

Calling all undergraduate women leaders!

Want to climb higher - both now as an undergrad and in your future as a business leader? Our virtual undergraduate Campus Leadership Summit is an opportunity for you to participate in interactive workshops and skill-building breakout sessions. Don’t miss this dynamic event where you’ll get to connect with other student leaders from Forté undergraduate partner schools.


  1. Discover the core components of leadership and understand why these skills are essential for personal and professional success
  2. Participate in workshops led by leaders where you’ll analyze your personal values, strengths, and interests - using this insight to develop your own unique leadership style
  3. Identify the key components of inclusive leadership and pinpoint how this approach can be implemented as a student organization leader
  4. Develop your own leadership goals using a global and gender-lens
  5. Build your network - engage with successful professionals and other high-achieving undergraduate women leaders


Choose which skills you’d like to build upon during the Leadership Sessions on Friday afternoon! You’ll be given a case study on the topic and will work in groups to develop creative solutions for complex problems. Sessions include:

  • Communication: Communication is a major key to success! Learn how to communicate with diverse audiences and groups to ensure your values, mission, and goals are being conveyed effectively- from application to internship and beyond
  • Conflict Resolution: Giving and receiving constructive feedback is a part of growth and development. Learn how to be open to hearing diverse perspectives and sharing ideas in a way that is respectful and empowering
  • Student Leaders in Action: Hear from a panel of your peers excelling at programming on their campuses, learning from their best practices
  • Applying your Leadership Abilities: Connect in small groups to brainstorm with leaders from similar campuses to hear what does and doesn’t work in their mission aligned student organizations


Thank You Spring 2023 Forté Undergraduate Campus Leadership Summit Partner

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