Deepika Batra DiGiovine
Head of Business Applications and Engagement, Corning, Inc.
Forté Fellow alumna and donor

Global business executive Deepika Batra DiGiovine uses her power to inspire other women to dream big.

Originally from India, Deepika pursued an MBA at a top business school in America through her Forté Fellowship which catapulted her into a career leading global IT teams from Chicago to Saudi Arabia. Now, she’s helping Forté expand the MBA talent pipeline worldwide.

Building business acumen to rise

“I come from very humble beginnings in my life,” Deepika said. “Getting the Forté Fellowship helped me make my decision to pursue my MBA at Michigan. It was an absolute pivotal moment in my career journey, opening doors for me to pursue many international opportunities.”

Deepika’s MBA connected her with an international internship and two study abroad programs before landing at McKinsey & Co. as a management consultant. An MBA was the boost she needed to go from software engineer to chief information officer.

“I give to Forté because I’m grateful for the support I got when I needed it in my life,” Deepika said. “It really opened doors for me.”