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Financial Services FAST Track

Event Sessions
Schedule is subject to change.

Thursday, May 18, 2023

9:30 AM–12:45 PM ET



9:30 AM



10:00 AM–NOON ET

Pre-Conference Session: Financial Services 101 (Optional)

Training the Street delivers an overview of the financial services industry structure and work performed within each business line. In addition, you will hear about key terminology and skills required for each functional area.

12:00–12:45 PM ET


12:45–1:15 PM ET

Conference Opening Session

1:15–3:30 PM ET

Building Your Network & Pitching Yourself Workshop

3:45–4:45 PM ET

Executive Panel: Voices from the Top

Senior executive women from financial firms share their career experiences and discuss strategies for keeping all aspects of their lives moving forward. Hear about the career choices that led to their success, the natural trade-offs that occur in every long and rewarding career, and strategies for having a fulfilling personal life.

4:45–5:00 PM ET

Group Photo

5–6:30 PM ET

Networking Reception

Friday, May 19, 2023


Financial Services Showcase Sessions I - III

Showcase sessions feature Associate/VP level MBA alumni sharing their experiences, rewards, and insights on a career in financial services within their business area.

8:30–9:45 AM ET

I. Investment Banking Traditional

10–11:15 AM ET

II. Investment Management-Private Wealth And Asset Management

11:15 AM–
12:30 PM ET

Networking Lunch

12:30–1:45 PM ET

III. Investment Banking-Boutique

2–4 PM ET

An Inside View of the Recruiting Process

Your first year of business school will be exciting and full of quick deadlines and decisions. Recruiting for your summer internship will start early and require you to be ready to make decisions. In this session, recruiters provide insight and tips for navigating the interviewing and recruiting process at financial firms. This session will give you a head start on landing your summer internship.

4–4:15 PM ET

Closing Remarks


Expert speakers and panel presenters