Tricia Felice
Partner, Redmark
Business Strategist
Forté Fellow alumna and donor

Through Forté, Tricia Felice gained the network to finally pursue exactly what she wanted to do — get an MBA and launch a brand consultancy for startups and growth-stage companies.

Drawing on her Hollywood background, she uses storytelling and narrative frameworks derived from movie marketing to help scaling companies connect to their customers.

Now she’s giving back to shine light on the possible pathways other Forté women can take to change their careers and empower their lives.

Believing she could do it

When Tricia managed accounts for a Hollywood marketing company, she still hoped to pursue an MBA but didn’t know what it was going to take. In her search to connect with people with her same interests, she found Forté.

“When I decided to apply for an MBA, it was out of the ordinary for my industry,” Tricia said. “I asked for letters of recommendation, and no one had written one before. Forté was my entry into the community I was seeking. Having that community was huge. It provided a pathway highlighted to show me the steps to an MBA and expand my business career.”

Through a Forté conference and online networking, she met peers and career coaches who demystified life as an MBA candidate.

“Forté gave me the confidence to pursue an MBA,” Tricia said. “I found that my non-traditional background could actually be a good thing and give insight not only to myself but to my peers.”