Simran Khanna
Market Data Analyst, Bloomberg
Forté Rising Stars alumna
Forté Campus Ambassador

Intimidated by the finance world, finance major Simran Khanna had never considered financial analysis as a possible career path.

That all changed when she met women role models at Forté who taught her why her voice mattered.

After she attended a Forté conference, everything changed. She returned to the University of Maryland with renewed confidence and added information systems to her major. Then she landed a selective internship with finance information and media giant Bloomberg, where she positioned herself for a full-time role as a market data analyst.

Finding her niche

At the College Fast Track to Finance Conference, a J.P. Morgan analyst coached Simran’s team on how to pitch stocks during a conference-wide simulation.

“I didn't know what managing a portfolio meant,” Simran said. “That's when I got more interested in finance, because I realized it was more than just reading numbers. It had an analysis aspect to it, which I enjoyed.”

It was the pivotal moment Simran realized financial analysis could be a real career path for her.

“I was intimidated because I thought the finance world was a very male-dominated field and the culture at Big Four accounting firms would expect you to know everything,” Simran said. “Having the coaches at the conference — all representatives from those big companies — made me feel comfortable going into this field and not holding back because I am female.”