Renée Russell

While new to her role as a University Recruiting Advisor, Renée is already seeing the value of Chevron’s partnership with Forté – particularly the caliber of Forté’s pipeline of MBA women.

What is it about Forté’s mission that you think is so important?
Chevron is committed to advancing women in business, and we offer many programs to help women and other underrepresented groups succeed. Forté is at the forefront of advancing women, an objective that Chevron shares. Chevron has a rich history of having 40% female representation on our Board and 33% female representation among professionals. We want to build on this success, so collaborating with Forté is a natural partnership.

Each year companies make decisions about where to invest their time and money. Chevron has been a partner since 2006. Why has Chevron continued saying “yes” each year to renewing the partnership?

When I joined Chevron in 2019, I met with colleagues to discuss each of our recruiting events. When Forté was mentioned, my colleagues said that we absolutely had to continue our partnership. The word that kept coming up when we discussed the women in the Forté pipeline – specifically the Forté Fellows – was “exceptional.” They are beyond prepared, they take initiative, and they take advantage of Forté’s offerings to be successful.