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2024 FSFT

Make an impact with your MBA and find your financial niche.


At our one-and-a-half-day MBA financial services conference, you will explore endless financial career possibilities — from investment and private wealth management to investment banking and portfolio management.

How can you fast track your career in finance? Seize this opportunity to find out!

  • Gain early exposure to leading financial firms before you hit campus in the fall.
  • Learn about what financial services entails and the unique industry opportunities.
  • Create meaningful connections with peers from other highly-ranked business schools.
  • Hear from women leaders who will share tips for being successful in the challenging, but rewarding world of financial services.

The best part? The conference is FREE to attend, a benefit provided by our partners.

Future of Work  MBA VLC Zoom Background  (450 x 250 px) (1). 


  1. Voices From the Top executive panel
  2. Focused networking with finance leaders
  3. Financial service showcases in asset management, private wealth, and investment banking
  4. Industry insight from associate- and VP-level MBA alumni
  5. A community of supportive, like-minded women and allies


NOV. (150 x 150 px) (1).png"My time at the 2023 Forté MBA Financial Services FAST Track Conference left an indelible mark on me, both personally and professionally. It ignited my fervor for investment banking, opened doors to unprecedented opportunities, fostered deep networking connections, provided invaluable insights, and surpassed all initial expectations. I am truly grateful for this experience and many more to come."                                                            - Taania Khan, MBA Candidate at Columbia Business School


NOV. (150 x 150 px).png"Please continue offering this conference, it was incredible for me as a woman of color who thought this only in dreams and now sees it feasible. Thank you for your hard work."
- Jennifer Betancur, MBA Candidate at Carnegie Mellon University (Tepper School of Business)