Fahria Omar
Forté member
University of Rochester Simon School of Business, MBA’17

With a background that spans brain research and healthcare marketing, Fahria Omar leveraged Forté’s network and her MBA to transition into tech.

Now as a client success manager at Sisense, a business analytics software company, the woman who started a business from scratch uses data insights to grow other businesses.

“I’m still networking through Forté, even after graduating with my MBA,” said Fahria, who became a Forté member while at the University of Rochester Simon School of Business. “I didn’t actually think people stayed connected that way after grad school, but Forté has opened my eyes that I still have access to an entire network.”

Why an MBA?

Taking a rotational position at Johnson & Johnson exposed Fahria to finance, sales, branding, and public relations. It broadened her view of what she could bring to the business world.

“I was able to see many different roles that were available to me,” Fahria said. “To be in the roles that I wanted to be in, I definitely needed the skills that the MBA was going to offer me.”

In B-school, she nurtured her entrepreneurial talent and launched a business: a prepared food service to alleviate food deserts in urban communities. The company’s unorthodox approaches — distributing through vending machines and food trucks, and accepting payment with food stamps — got noticed and was soon acquired by a major company.