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Forté Rising Star Initiative

The Forté Rising Star Initiative is an exclusive community for undergrad women attending Forté Sponsor Schools.

The interactive Forté Rising Star curriculum and Forté Connect Community offers group-based learning, discussions, mentorship, and more to support undergrad women working towards a Forté Career Ready Rising Star designation.

School Sponsorship: Help Her Become The Boss

When hiring college students, employers look for several basic competencies that demonstrate “career readiness.” As part of its mission, the Forté Foundation educates college women about career readiness — including those defined by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) — and prepares them for the potential challenges of the workplace through its Rising Star Initiative. Through the Forté Rising Star Initiative, Forté:

  • Prepares women to excel in the workplace and increases their confidence.
  • Enables women to explore business career paths and educational opportunities.
  • Provides access to a community of undergraduate peers to motivate one another and share experiences.
  • Facilitates an opportunity for participants to connect with employers and women role models to inspire them to achieve their goals.

Forté’s Rising Stars will demonstrate knowledge about business career paths and education, engage personally with employers and business school representatives, and connect with a network of peers and role models.

    Consider this…

  • Unlimited access for all undergrad women on your campus. Benefits all majors, class years and backgrounds.
  • Programming extends the menu of professional service offerings and brings awareness of business careers with a key differentiator - the GENDER LENS.
  • Candidates work through a series of career exploration activities, engage in discussions with likeminded peers, earn Forté points for engagement and redeem rewards along the way.
  • Engagement opportunities with Forté Corporate Sponsors and MBA School Sponsors.
  • Additional student leadership opportunities through the Forté Campus Representative Program, a program managed by Forté to promote Forté Rising Star engagement on your campus.
  • Leverage the dedicated Forté College Team and marketing. Receive regular communication, updates and collateral.
  • Join the Forté Foundation sponsorship community. Enjoy school branding on all Forté Collateral and complimentary premium access pass for faculty and staff on campus.

If you're interested in becoming a Rising Star sponsor please contact Michelle Lederhos through email or phone at 512-701-4244.

For Students: Forté Rising Star Power

Help close the gender gap in the C-suite and on boards. Women with strong business skills can have diverse and rewarding careers in business. It starts in college! Students will dive into the Rising Star Initiative to:

  1. Prepare to excel in the workplace
    Identify and deliver your personal brand and professional values.
  2. Build meaningful relationships with business leaders, MBA women, and career influencers
    Connect with role models and serve in student and community leadership roles.
  3. Jump start your internship and job search
    Post a resume, enhance a LinkedIn profile, and leverage the Forté community resources.
  4. Redeem rewards exploring many career and educational opportunities
    Earn community points and badges exploring cool careers and attending leadership events & webinars.
  5. Stand out to top employers
    Rock Rising Star status by adding the candidacy, and designation once earned, to branding documents.

Rising Star Initiative Sponsors