A Commitment to Women

Advancing women in business together.

Forté partners with like-minded industry organizations who share our vision and commitment to women in the workplace. Through these partnerships, we hope to further the advancement of women in business leadership.

Admit Advantage

Admit Advantage is an expert admissions and career coaching company which has over a 90% success rate placing its clients in various universities and companies of interest. Founded by Harvard, Wharton, and MIT alums, Admit Advantage has alumni from other premier programs and companies including Princeton, Yale, Stanford and Google, Goldman Sachs and McKinsey. Admit Advantage leverages this rich international background to help clients in over 15 countries a year to achieve their academic and professional dreams. By employing a tested and uniquely rigorous admissions and job-placement approach, Admit Advantage has successfully helped place its clients in some of the top institutions in the world. Admit.me is digital step-by-step admissions tool giving insight into a candidate's chances, options for success, and path to achieve her goals. A key offering is the Admit.me Index (AMI), a proprietary algorithm based on submitted applicant data which offers an applicant assessment / "admissions credit score".

Applicant Lab

Over-paying thousands of dollars for admissions advice is sooo last-century! A savvy woman like you can maximize her chances of getting accepted with ApplicantLab.com, founded by an HBS alumna on a mission to level the playing field. The Lab teaches you – via a series of interactive exercises and videos – how admissions committees think, what they are looking for, and how to best present yourself. Available 24/7 the Lab walks you through everything you need, for less than what the other guys want to charge for you for just one hour of their time. The Lab can be either the only resource you need, or a valuable complement to working with another admissions consultant. Forté MBALaunchers love the Lab, and routinely get accepted to the top business schools!

Career Protocol

Career Protocol is the web’s most refreshing destination for no-nonsense career advice, MBA admissions guidance, and awesome professional coaching. Founded by women, run by women, and staffed primarily with women, our small team has joyfully guided hundreds of MBA hopefuls just like you to tell their inspiring and authentic story, transcend personal limitations, and get into their dream business schools, usually with loads of scholarships (an average of over $70,000 each!). We take great personal delight in getting to know our students deeply and helping them show their very best selves in all of their professional communication through a training process that elevates their self-awareness, emotional intelligence, and communication skills for life. Want to connect with us? Sign up for a free MBA Strategy Session, start with our MBA admissions calculator and 20-page tailored report on your candidacy, or come join our community of ambitious, caring souls on the MBA Tribe club in Clubhouse! We can’t wait to hear from you!


GMAC is a global, non-profit association of 223 leading graduate business schools. Founded in 1953, we are actively committed to advancing the art and science of admissions by convening and representing the industry and offering best-in-class products and services for schools and students. GMAC owns and administers the Graduate Management Admission Test® (GMAT®) exam, used by more than 6,500 graduate programs worldwide. Other GMAC assessments include the NMAT by GMAC™ exam, for entrance into graduate management programs in India and South Africa, and the Executive Assessment, specifically designed for Executive MBA programs around the world. The Council is based in the United States with offices in the United Kingdom, India, and Hong Kong. For information on assessments, study tools and services for candidates, visit www.mba.com. For information about The Council and our market intelligence, professional development opportunities and services for graduate management education, please visit www.gmac.com


Everyone Wants Lower Rates. Together, We Can Make It Happen. Juno uses group buying power to offer students lower rate student loans.

Manhattan Prep

In 2000, Teach for America alumnus and Yale graduate Zeke Vanderhoek had a radical idea: students learn better from better teachers. His vision of what test prep could be if taught by great educators led him to assemble a team of highly qualified teachers, recruiting only those with 99th percentile scores and substantial teaching experience. And with them, Manhattan Prep was born. We empower students to accomplish their goals by providing an outstanding curriculum and the highest-quality instructors in the industry.

Personal MBA Coach

Personal MBA Coach is pleased to be a Forté MBALaunch Platinum Partner. Founded by a Wharton and MIT graduate over 11 years ago, Personal MBA Coach has helped hundreds of applicants around the world get into top MBA, EMBA, part-time MBA and graduate programs. Personal MBA Coach was formed with the goal of providing the customized one-on-one support that was missing at the larger firms with cookie cutter processes. This one-on-one guidance continues today as our founder, Scott Edinburgh, provides personal support to all clients. Our comprehensive counseling includes mock interviews with a team of former M7 interviewers and customized GMAT/GRE tutoring with tutors who scored in the 99th percentile. Scott also serves on the Board of Directors for AIGAC, the Association of International Graduate Admissions Consultants and is invited to speak at MBA Admissions events globally. Our clients have been accepted to HBS, Stanford, Wharton, MIT Sloan, Chicago Booth, Kellogg, Columbia GSB, Yale SOM, LBS, Dartmouth Tuck and many more with a 96% success rate. They received $4.5M in total scholarships last year and over $1M in Forté Fellowships, with some MBALaunchers earning a full ride.

Stratus Admissions Counseling

Stratus Admissions Counseling is a premier admissions counseling firm committed to helping clients achieve their dreams of going to business school, law school, and graduate school. Stratus has helped thousands of clients from more than 50 countries gain admission to their target programs and earn millions of dollars in scholarship money with our unique team-based approach.

Just as the admissions committees perform multiple reads of your application, our staff of highly skilled admissions experts including your dedicated Primary counselor, Strategist, School-Specific Reviewer, and Proofreader, will repeatedly review and provide feedback on your applications.

Our expert counselors are graduates of Harvard, Stanford, Columbia, Duke, Northwestern, and other esteemed universities. We are a true team, working together on all aspects of our clients’ applications. We believe that every applicant deserves a personalized approach, efficiently developed and strategically tailored to make their application stand out among the thousands of others from around the globe.