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You are interested in starting a male ally group on campus but you need more information before moving forward. You want to better understand issues to consider, such as how to actively engage men, what activities are successful, and how to effectively work with the Women in Business (WIB) club on your campus. You are curious about the experience of your peers at other business schools who have walked this road. You want to learn about best practices and, just as importantly, stumbling blocks.

We’ve spoken with leaders of the pioneering business school male ally groups across the country, as well as their Women in Business (WIB) leadership peers. Forté’s Men as Allies Online Toolkit distills their wisdom to provide you with a rich source of information that supports you on your journey.

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Toolkit Topics

  • Why start a male ally group?
  • Laying the Framework: Important Decisions to Consider
    • Identifying and structuring a leadership team
    • Creating a mission statement
    • Defining members
    • Collaborating with others
    • Getting men involved
    • Launching the group
    • Planning activities
  • Roadmap for getting started
  • Advice from business school peers
  • Frequently asked questions



Event Ideas: Need event ideas for your Male Ally group? Forté curated a collection of events and activities that Male Ally groups have used to encourage dialogue around the topic of gender. Also included are example emails, session descriptions, and other information so you can plan easily.

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Male Ally MBA Role Models: Introducing men who played a leadership role in the male ally group at their respective business school. Hear why they wanted to get involved, what they’ve learned, and what they hope to take back to the workforce.

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Why are Male Allies Important? Hear directly from the founders of the Men as Allies Initiative regarding what started this movement.

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About to Graduate with your MBA? If you’ve finished your MBA and preparing to re-enter the workforce, download this document for more information on making a seamless transition.

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Sign the Pledge: Encourage men enrolled in your MBA program to sign and pledge their support of gender equality.

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