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College Fast Track to Finance Application Process 

Forté College Fast Track to Finance is an elite program for college leaders interested in exploring the full scope of career options, including a career in finance. There is an application process to attend each event and only 100 applicants will be selected. 


Expenses related to transportation associated with tickets purchased for interstate or intrastate long-distance travel are eligible for reimbursement. Expenses incurred for travel in and around Boston (e.g. taxis, buses) are not eligible for reimbursement. All expenses must be documented by a receipt indicating full payment.


The travel stipend can also be used to cover costs associated with accommodations related to your stay in Boston during the event. All expenses must be documented by a receipt indicating full payment. (Accommodations eligible for expense reimbursement include hotel, motel, hostel. Reimbursements will not be given for non-commercial establishments.)

All reimbursements will be processed after the conclusion of the conference within 3 weeks of receipt of the following information from the participant:

  • Completed reimbursement application (Emailed out at the Conference)
  • Copies of all receipts

Note: You must attend the entire conference in order to be eligible for the travel stipend. You will receive instructions on submitting your expenses at the conference.

All reimbursement applications and receipts must be received by Forté Foundation no later than December 4, 2016.

Mailing Address:
Forté Foundation
9600 Escarpment #745, PMB 72
Austin, TX 78749

Fax: 866-296-7848



Eligibility Requirements

Forté College Fast Track to Finance will bring together undergraduate women from diverse academic backgrounds including STEM, Economics, Liberal Arts, Finance, and Communications majors. This is a great opportunity for sophomores, juniors (and some freshman) women interested in exploring career opportunities in finance, networking with business leaders, and building their resumé. 

Applications from seniors will not be accepted.

To be considered, applicants must have a strong undergraduate academic record as well as proven leadership experience. 


The cost to attend Forté College Fast Track to Finance is free, a benefit provided by our conference sponsors.

Not only is the event free, but financial support in the form of a stipend ($300 maximum) will be provided to help cover some of the travel costs associated with the conference.


Early decision: Feb. 12
Final deadline: Feb. 19

Application Process

We have a limited number of seats for this program so your application will be an important component of selection. The selection committee will review applications and may follow up with a telephone call if there are outstanding questions.

Application requirements include:

STEP ONE: Fill out the application form. 

STEP TWO: Submit an essay and your resume.

Apply Now


Do you have questions about the Forté College Fast Track to Finance conference? Email us.

Fast Track to Finance
Stipend Policy

Participants traveling more than 50 miles to the event are eligible for a stipend to reimburse them for some of the costs incurred with travel and lodging associated with their attendance.

Reimbursement amounts will not exceed the maximum level indicated and will not exceed the actual costs paid by a participant for their travel and lodging. The maximum stipend amount available to each participant is $300 and the amount payable will be calculated according to this policy.