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2022 Fall MBA Women's Virtual Leadership Conference Agenda 

All sessions are in Eastern Standard Time Zone

Friday, October 14, 2022


11:00–11:30 am ET

Fireside Chat: Women Championing Women

What can we collectively do to further the power of women? Women are strong and resilient and know how to get things done. Our inherent abilities make us the perfect advocate for other women. But sometimes, we fail to step in or speak up when the moment comes. Let’s be brave. Women can be powerful allies at work (and school) for other women. As a future business leader, it’s important to explore the steps that you can take to change the balance of power in the workplace. Learn how to champion the successes of women and amplify their voices during this intimate conversation. 


Speakers present hot topics in under 15 minutes. Each session features two 15 minute talks followed by small group discussion. Topics are subject to change.

11:30–12:15 pm ET

Session 1: Crushing Stereotypes

Adding more women to the workforce is not enough to change historical organizational structures. Women still face unique challenges, especially as they advance up the corporate ladder.

12:15–1:00 pm ET

Session 2: How to Show Up to Work When the World is on Fire

Businesses have experienced rapid change over the last few years as they seek to adapt to unprecedented challenges.

1:00–1:15 pm ET


1:15–2:00 pm ET

Session 3: The Great Reinvention (The Future of Work)

Physical, mental and family demands have uprooted traditional ways of working creating an increasingly global, technologically driven and mobile workforce.

2:00–2:45 pm ET

Session 4: The Impact of Environmental Social Governance (ESG)

What exactly is ESG and why should you care? Companies are increasingly looking beyond shareholder value and focusing on broader outcomes such as energy efficiency, human rights, and transparency.

2:45–3:00 pm ET


3:00–4:30 pm ET

Virtual Career Expo

This will be a highly interactive portion of the conference with corporate sponsors.

The Career Expo brings together the event’s sponsor partners and exceptional talent (that’s you!). Connect with company representatives from top employers to learn more about internship and full-time employment opportunities.