Forté is changing the balance of power in the workplace.

Our community of motivated and inspiring women is transforming leadership in every field that business touches. Forté members from diverse backgrounds, industries, and career stages unite to shake up the status quo.

Our mission

Launch women into fulfilling, significant careers through access to business education, professional development, and a community of successful women.

Our values

  • Diversity & Belonging
    We strive to inspire enduring change in universities, business schools, and the workplace, where everyone has the opportunity to be the type of leader and role model to which they aspire.
  • Excellence
    We understand our stakeholders’ needs and provide high-quality information, tools, and resources that exceed expectations.
  • Long-Term Relationships
    We provide enthusiastic support throughout the entire career journey, from undergrad to business leadership, by helping individuals leverage our resources, our community, and our programs. Forté for life!
  • Collaboration
    We work together with our partners and donors to create opportunities and achieve our shared goal of More Women Leading.
  • Community
    We cultivate a strong, supportive community where all feel comfortable networking and learning from each other.
  • Courage
    We recognize and embrace the challenges that exist. We will create real change and are confident that we will achieve our goals.
  • Persistence
    We are change agents who refuse to settle for the status quo. We will continue our work until we achieve parity in business schools, the workplace, corner offices, and corporate boardrooms.
  • Gender Lens
    We welcome everyone to participate in our mission. Our tools, resources and programs are designed to address education and professional issues from women's perspectives.

What drives Forté to action

  • Only 41% of Forté MBA grads are women, compared to 50% in law and medical schools.
  • 10% of Fortune 500 CEOs are women.
  • Only 32% of S&P 500 board members are women.

Our powerful alliance is mobilizing 100,000 women and counting.

We find strength in numbers. Forté's alliance links talented women, influential companies, leading universities and business schools, and pioneering donors. Together these important players commit to advancing women in business.

Our members

  • 44% are under age 30.
  • 53% are women of color.
  • 73% are working professionals.
  • 27% are students — undergrad and MBA.
  • We have members on every continent.

Our supporters

  • The leading 56 MBA programs across the globe.
  • Top undergrad universities helping their students become career ready.
  • Pioneering donors helping us change the status quo by funding programs and services.
  • 70+ influential companies dedicated to expanding the leadership pipeline for women.

We help women re-imagine what they can achieve.

Through Forté, women can explore the endless career options available through business—from healthcare to hospitality—and learn universally valuable skills to accelerate their careers and thrive as leaders.

We provide the practical tools to change lives.

We give women equal access to an infrastructure—business education, role models, professional networks, leadership training—that empowers them to rethink what’s possible. Forté's kit of practical tools can change their career trajectories and earning power. Our tools and programs are tailored for women at every stage:

  • For college women: Business conferences, a year-round career program and more.
  • For women who want to attend business school: Application/GMAT preparation and more.
  • For MBA women: Fellowships, leadership conferences, and more.
  • For professional women: Networking, leadership training, and more.

Our financial support lifts women up.

Thanks to Forté Fellowships, more than 16,000 women have earned or are pursuing MBAs to grow their credibility, capability, and confidence — along with their salaries. Our subsidized career prep programs and skill-building workshops help women at all stages boost their business acumen.