With a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) degree, you get more than the opportunity to change and advance your career. You get the opportunity to change your life.

with an mba, you can:

  • Increase your earning potential
  • Advance within your current industry
  • Gain a powerful network of peers, mentors, and alumni
  • Make an impact in your community
Why an MBA?

“No matter what you choose to do, an MBA helps in every decision and conversation. As women, there is still inequality, and the ability to be a strong voice at the table comes from my MBA.”

Jessica Kapadia, 2010 MBA graduate, Indiana University (Kelley School of Business)

“To be in the roles that I wanted to be in, I definitely needed the skills that the MBA was going to offer me.”

Fahria Omar, 2017 MBA graduate, University of Rochester (Simon Business School)

As part of Forté’s mission to change the balance of power in the workplace and get #MoreWomenLeading, we provide practical tools women can use to change their career trajectories and earning power. If you are interested in pursuing an MBA, our programs will help you get started.


Attend a Forté MBA Forum

Explore the value of an MBA at Forté’s free events, and make connections with admissions reps, alumni, and students from top business schools.

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Why an MBA?

“The MBA Forum was an amazing opportunity to connect directly with a wide range of schools. It made me feel more prepared for the admissions process and more confident about my ability to get into my target schools.”

Jennie Graham, MBA Forum attendee

“The MBA Forum really helped solidify my decision to get an MBA.”

Marisa Li, MBA Forum attendee

As you continue your b-school journey, make the most of Forté’s resources, knowledge, and support.

Build Your Best Application.

Join Forté MBALaunch

Ready to get your MBA? Forté MBALaunch will guide you through the application process. This program provides a structured road map for applying to business school, including step-by-step application guidance, and a supportive network of peers, alumni, and admissions professionals.

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Why an MBA?

"Participating in Forté’s MBALaunch Program was a really important step for me to realize that I could succeed in an MBA program. Forté connected me with a network of ambitious, supportive female business leaders, who modeled professional success and inspired me to pursue my ambitions."

Abby Larus, MBALaunch participant, Duke University (The Fuqua School of Business)
MBA Class of 2022


When Should You Apply to Business School?

Most MBA programs require that candidates have work experience prior to enrollment, but the average age and work experience in an MBA classroom varies widely. You may find you are ready for an MBA just a couple years after your undergraduate degree, or it may make more sense for you to wait.

When do you know your application is ready? Apply when you feel your candidacy reflects your best self. Generally, that means applying as early in the application cycle as possible. Applying early, or in the first round, may increase your chances of admission, since there are more seats available. However, if you are not ready, plan to retake your GMAT, or feel rushed to complete your applications, then you should wait and apply when you feel your application is truly ready.

“Make sure that your application is complete. If you started your application the day before the deadline and you're rushing things, that round is probably not the round for you. You want to be putting your best foot forward and submitting materials that you're truly proud of.”

Alexis Marcus, Associate Director of Evaluation, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Sloan)

If you are applying in:

  • Attend a Forté MBA Forum to connect directly to admissions team members and reinforce your interest in target schools
  • Complete the application materials
  • Identify and coordinate with the people who will be writing your letters of recommendation