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The 2021 Forté MBALaunch program is designed for women interested in applying to an MBA program in Fall 2021, for enrollment in Fall 2022.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Achievement: To be considered, applicants must have solid academic standing and a bachelor's degree. Those with a strong undergraduate record are encouraged to apply.
  • Work Experience: Applicants with two to seven years of post-undergrad work experience are preferred.
  • Commitment: Applicants must be willing to commit significant time and energy throughout the 10-month program, including attendance at live events, webinars, group meetings, submitting an official GMAT/GRE test score, and individual work and research.
  • Location: Forté MBALaunch for Women is open to candidates who can travel to a host city to participate in a kick-off event, dedicate 10 months to the online program, and meet monthly with your group in-person or via video chat. Candidates do not need to live in a MBALaunch event city to participate.

Selection Process

Due to limited resources and the demanding requirements of our program, admission to Forté MBALaunch for Women is selective. The selection committee will review applications and may follow up with a telephone call if there are outstanding questions.

Application Requirements

Applications for the 2021 program open in Summer 2020.

Program Fee

The Forté MBALaunch for Women program fee is $595. Forté MBALaunch for Women is a resource intensive program supported by Forté partners. Financial aid for this program is not available.

The MBALaunch program is not refundable. There is a period where you may defer participation, but this option is eliminated once you have been in the program for one month.

Kick-off Event Cities

*Virtual Launchers must travel to attend a one-time event.

Atlanta Mar. 6, 2020
Boston Feb. 21, 2020
Chicago Feb. 28, 2020
Houston Feb. 21, 2020
Los Angeles Feb. 28, 2020
New York I Feb. 6, 2020
New York II Feb. 7, 2020
San Francisco Feb. 7, 2020
Seattle Spr. 2020
Toronto Mar. 13, 2020
Washington, DC I Feb. 14, 2020
Washington, DC II Feb. 15, 2020
London Mar. 20, 2020

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