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Forté Liberal Arts to Business Leadership Conference

Like Romeo and Juliet, business and liberal arts majors may seem star-crossed—but they don't have to be. Instead of declaring yourself a Montague or Capulet, why not negotiate a merger?

Business isn't an exclusive major or job track: it's a universal language. No matter where your vocational path takes you, having a solid set of business skills will put you far ahead of the competition in today's job market.

Forté wants to help you succeed, wherever your passion lies. We're hosting the Liberal Arts to Business Leadership Conference to showcase the unique talents that liberal arts majors can bring to the table—and how a business skill set can make all your career and community goals achievable. Are you a rising sophomore or junior liberal arts major? We'll help you translate your background into tools for changing the world.


  1. Boost your business skills with workshops on integrative thinking, design, and ideation
  2. Learn how your skill set already makes you uniquely positioned to rock the business world
  3. Meet successful liberal arts alumnae in business
  4. Connect with your peers to broaden your network
  5. Learn about the meaningful jobs you can do when you combine liberal arts and business


"Liberal arts grads are uniquely positioned to bring a robust set of tools to the world of business. With integrative thinking—solving wicked problems in new ways, using both the left and right brain—you'll learn to use opposing ideas as the basis for innovation."

— Jennifer Riel, Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto