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Friday, Oct 12, 2018

8:30–9:00 am

Registration & Breakfast

9:00–9:30 am

Host Welcome & Forté Overview

9:30–11:00 am

Leadership and Executive Presence for Women of Color

In the business world, how you present yourself is often just as important as what you present. Your communication style, appearance and gravitas (carrying yourself in a way that commands respect) are just as important as mastering the knowledge and skills required to do the job.

These 3—communication, appearance and gravitas—are the 3 dimensions of Executive Presence, that “secret sauce” that lets your colleagues know you are ready and able to lead. This interactive session will demystify executive presence for you and, more importantly, help you start crafting your own!

Keynote Speaker: Cynthia Bowman, Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer, Bank of America

11:00–11:15 am


11:15–12:15 pm

Real Talk Panel: Success in Business Careers

Professional women discuss their experiences and paths to their current roles in business. Our diverse panelists will share their stories, their wisdom and their advice, all to help you better navigate the workplace as a woman of color.

12:15–1:00 pm

Networking Lunch with Coaches


1:00–3:00 pm

Simulation: Using Critical Thinking and Presentation Skills to Influence Outcomes

Do you have what it takes to really convince people to follow your recommendation, to take your side, to believe in your analysis? How we think and the way we present those thoughts is a life-skill that you will need in every stage of your life from securing that job you want to making someone believe that your answer is the right one focusing time and energy on not only doing the right analysis but telling an effective story will help you throughout your career.

Facilitated by: Deloitte University

3:00–3:15 pm


3:15–4:00 pm

Real Talk Rounds: How to Make Work Work for You

Rotate through candid conversations about how to face issues you may experience in the workplace as a woman of color. Trending topics include how to evaluate the culture of an organization, how to bring your authentic self to the less familiar environment, how to overcome bicultural stress, and how to build relationships that will build conference and more.

4:00–4:15 pm

Forté Closing Remarks

4:15–5:30 pm

Career Networking with Sponsors