Introduce Forté to Your Students: Help Her Become Career Ready


Thank you for connecting with the Forté Foundation to bring exceptional resources, events, and a leadership network to the undergrad women on your campus.  Forté wants to partner with you to support your undergraduate women as they explore business fields and education and launch their own career path.

Forté college student membership is FREE for all undergrad women.

If you would like to learn more about Forté Undergrad Resources and our undergrad sponsorship opportunity, the Forté Career Ready Certificate, contact Krystal Brooks,Director of Development, Academic Partners .

Review the College Resources below. Let us know if you need collateral or “swag” to help promote these resources to your undergraduate women! 

Key Links:

Undergraduate Central Landing Page — We suggest linking to this page on your career development and diversity websites:

College Women Join Here: Forté Undergraduate Membership Page

Showcase These Five Resources:


Industry Pages: Undergraduate women are invited to explore the endless career options available for women in business.


Free Webinars:  College students get free access to Forté’s Women Lead webinars that focus on career exploration, leadership, networking, and professional skills development.


Undergraduate Leadership Conferences:  Held each semester, Forté conferences allow undergraduate women to explore careers and gain skills to launch their first job or internship.


Exclusive Job Postings:  Members can leverage the Forté Job Center to create custom searches and get their resume in front of Forté sponsor companies and other great organizations.


Role Models:  Women business leaders share insights and inspiration — undergrads can explore how no matter their major, their career opportunities are endless. 

Forté Values Partnerships:

Forté Campus Rep & Regional Intern Programs:

Each year Forté welcomes Forté Regional College Interns (paid!) and Forté Campus Reps (leadership role!) to help promote the Forté College Resources and Programs by region or on a college campus.

Interested in designating a Forté Campus Rep to be our liaison to your campus? Email the Forté Undergrad Team to learn more about this growing program.

Forté Marketing Tools:

Ideas to Promote Forté Resources on Campus:

  • Identify key influencers allies to promote Forté resources across campus, invite one rep from each influencer group:
    • Career Development
    • Academic Advisers & Class Deans
    • Faculty
    • Residential & Campus Life
    • Student Leadership & Activities
  • Nominate a student to be a Forté Campus Representative (student leadership role lead by Forté) to help promote resources and programs on your campus
  • Post program (webinars and college conference) info to the career services section of your school website and/or internal portal       
  • Encourage your students to help promote the event to their network of women
  • Identify student clubs and organizations that have a focus on women and/or career development
  • Post the promo flyer for students across campus
  • Share the program info with corporate recruiters
  • Share the program info with your own personal and professional networks

Social Media & Digital Marketing

  • Plan on doing 2-3 social media announcements on your school's Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter
  • Include program info on your school admissions blog
  • Share the program info with your personal and professional social media networks
  • Social Media Text for promoting programs and resources for college women.

For Your Alumni Relations Team

  • Ask your alumni to help promote the event to co-workers and other women in their personal and professional networks by:
    • Including program info in the next alumni newsletter 
    • Posting program info on alumni website
  • Share the program info with your own personal and professional networks