At Forté, we are celebrating 20 years of #MoreWomenLeading. To commemorate this milestone, we are hosting the #MoreWomenLeading Scholarship Contest where 20 amazing undergraduate women can win one of 20 $1,000 scholarships being awarded throughout 2023. Don't miss your chance to be a part of this historic celebration! Apply today before we select our next round of winners.


Here's how it works:
Step 1. Write a 500-word (maximum) essay to tell us what the phrase "More Women Leading" means to you.

Step 2. Submit your essay, contact information, and undergraduate school.

Step 3. Stay tuned to see if you win a $1,000 scholarship! We are awarding five scholarships each quarter through 2023.


  • Round 1: Feb. 10
  • Round 2: May 12
  • Round 3: Aug. 25
  • Final Round: Dec. 8

Round 1 Winners

Alexis Marks
Florida International University
Class of 2024
"Encouraging women’s presence in leading positions and championing them for advancement is an important part of advancing gender equality.”

Alia Arya
University of Texas at Austin
Class of 2026
“More women leading doesn’t just mean more opportunities for women but for all groups, as altruistic individuals lift each other and help everyone reach their potential.”

Arisa Chue
Stanford University
Class of 2024
“We all serve as role models to broaden participation in computing careers and we broadcast this by sharing our path of success with others.”

Rachel Delida
West Virginia University
Class of 2026
“More women leading means teaching others the value of what hard work is and where it will take you!”

Rio Murray
Auburn University
Class of 2025
“The rise of female leadership in communities, businesses, and political positions redefines outdated ideas of what it means to be an effective leader.”

Round 2 Winners

Adrianna DeLeon
Texas A&M University - Corpus Christi
Class of 2023
“More Women Leading” to me means that women have increasingly moved toward greater gender equality at home and in the workplace.”

Cadence Williams
Flagler College
Class of 2027
“More Women Leading means to me, to give more opportunities to young women and girls to take control of their own future and lead to do great things.”

Prashi Joshi
New York University
Class of 2024
“Self-determination. The desire to be the driver of my own life — that is what moves me above anything.”

Tanya Sharda
West Virginia University
Class of 2023
"More women leading ignites an emotion within many women that no other can explain, it is of pride, motivation, and even honor.”

Tori Lansford
University of Texas at San Antonio
Class of 2023
"To me, it feels empowering to be a woman that is not only getting an education but also majoring in a male-dominated industry, cyber security.”

The #MoreWomenLeading Scholarship Contest is for all undergraduates who identify as women and are currently attending a U.S. college or university.


Questions? Contact our Forté Undergraduate Team.