Noah Weiss
FortÚ Men as Allies Chapter Leader
Tepper School of Business MBA Candidate

Seeing how tough it was for women to navigate the male-centered music industry, MBA student Noah Weiss launched a Men as Allies chapter at the Tepper School of Business to influence workplace culture.

Before pursuing his MBA at Carnegie Mellon University’s Tepper School of Business, Noah experienced the music industry from all sides—as a jazz saxophonist, nonprofit concert promoter, and Hollywood-based manager for classic rock artists.

“As a white male, early on I recognized that I have quite a bit of privilege, so I’ve been hyper-aware of experiences going on around me,” Noah said. “Working in the nonprofit arts followed by the for-profit Hollywood side of arts, I witnessed strong women leaders have to navigate blatant biases in some situations. I wished I had better tools and the confidence to stand up—not just for my female colleagues, but for colleagues identifying with an array of sexual and racial identities.”