Plan Your Professional Path

Take control of your career and set a course for long-term success.

Welcome to Career Takeoff—an opportunity for you to assess your goals, boost your confidence, strengthen your community, and strategically design your next steps as a professional. 

 Design the future you. Build meaningful relationships. Develop a growth mindset. Manage time & energy

Even if you are working at your dream company, advancing in the world of business is a challenging trek. Career Takeoff is your opportunity to design your ideal career path, rather than simply reacting to everything coming at you.




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Combining FranklinCovey’s leadership expertise with Forté’s gender lens, Career Takeoff will prepare you to take your next career step through:

  1. Critical conversations and dynamic learning modules,
  2. A robust repository of leadership guides for nearly every tough situation leaders confront,
  3. A like-minded, enthusiastic community of early career professionals, and
  4. Interactive virtual meetings and self-guided learnings that provide encouragement and suggestions for your professional goal setting.

Career Takeoff lets you design the career you want to have, on your own terms. We are so proud of you for undertaking this learning journey and joining a powerful community dedicated to #MoreWomenLeading.

*Ask your manager if your company has professional development funds for its employees. Common practice is that all employees are allotted educational or professional development funds that can be applied towards programs just like this.