Share Your Story

Sharing one story can inspire hundreds of women.  Here’s a chance to make your mark.

We want to hear your stories of what it’s like to be a woman in the business world.

Are you early in your career? Tell us what you find most exciting about the world of business — what’s been rewarding? Challenging? What’s surprised you most? What or who has inspired you, and what stories can you share to inspire other women?

Are you a current MBA student or recent MBA alumna? Help get other women off the fence and on the path to achieving their MBA dreams! What motivated you? How’d you make it happen? What have you discovered about yourself that you never expected?

Are you a seasoned professional? Share your experiences of obstacles overcome and barriers broken. What do you see as the sure-fire signs that business has changed, and how women are leading now more than ever? What hasn’t changed that still needs to?

How should you share your story? 

Send us a link to your videos or blog posts of your story. Videos should be less than 3 minutes and preferably located on YouTube.

What will we do with your story?

We’ll post selected stories and share them with Forté’s community of women.

Share your Story

Together, we can achieve our mission of inspiring the next generation of women business leaders.