MBA Admissions Process

Want to go to business school? Applying to MBA programs can be a long process with many ups and downs. And Forté can guide you through it.

Many MBA candidates spend a year or more preparing for the application process to ensure all the pieces are in place for a compelling application.

1+ years before application deadlines
  • Begin a self-assessment: What are your career goals what do you really want to do? Why is an MBA important to help you reach your goals?
  • Start researching MBA programs
  • Create your MBA budget and savings plan. and research ways to finance your MBA
  • Attend a Forté Forum to meet with representatives from leading MBA programs in North America and Europe
  • Apply for Forté MBALaunch to get help with everything from GMAT prep and resume editing to story and essay development
1 year to 9 months before application deadlines
6 months before application due dates
  • Get your transcripts from your undergraduate school
  • Identify and meet recommenders
  • Complete application materials
  • Draft essays
  • Practice interviewing

Round Admissions vs. Rolling Admissions

There are two basic types of admissions processes: round and rolling.

Rolling Admissions
Business schools on rolling admissions accept applications anytime between a set of dates. Applications are reviewed as they are received and spots are filled on a continual basis. You will want to submit your application as soon as possible to any school that has rolling admission.

Round Admissions
These types of business schools have between two to four application deadlines known as “Rounds.” The deadlines are spread out throughout the months before enrollment.

When Should you Apply to Business School?

As a general rule of thumb, you want to apply as early as possible. But only apply when you feel your candidacy is as strong as possible. Applying in the first round may increase your chances of admission, because there are more empty spots available. But if you are not ready, need to retake your GMAT or you feel rushed to complete your applications, then you should wait and apply in a later Round. For some schools, you want to avoid applying in the last Round (for many schools that is Round 3) as most spots have been filled.

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