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Become a better, more effective leader in these intensive two-day bootcamps led by expert faculty.

Each virtual Leadership Bootcamp will dive into a topic pervasive in today’s workplace, providing strategies and supports including a self-assessment, a framework/tool you can apply immediately, and a 1:1 session with an executive coach. This experience is for all professionals, whether you’re in a formal leadership role or not. Seats are limited for each cohort. Forté Partner Organizations: $549/person per session. Enter discount code on registration screen.
Leading Through Burnout
April 16 – 17
Noon - 2 pm
Space is limited. Registration deadline April 5, 2024. extended to April 12, 2024

Leading Through Failure
Aug. 6 – 7
Noon - 2 pm

Leading Through Coaching
Dec. 10 – 11
Noon - 2 pm

Bundle & Save
Save when you purchase all three Leadership Bootcamps.
Forté Partner Organizations: $1,500/person

As you advance in your career, leadership skills become more important than technical skills. Our leadership bootcamps create space for mid-career leaders to explore essential leadership topics in-depth with experts, coaches, and peers.

Leadership Bootcamp Includes

One-ion-One Coaching Session
Interactive workshops
Strengths Profile
Coaching Template
Frameworks and tools
Join a Network
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What to Expect from Leadership Bootcamp

Leading Through Burnout
Burnout is the feeling of emotional depletion, general fatigue and lack of motivation at work. The American Family Life Assurance Company of Columbus (Aflac) found in a 2022 study that more than 50% of US workers experience moderate to very high burnout. Couple this with the 2022 McKinsey Women and Workplace report that showed that women experience burnout at twice the rate of men. Whether you are one of those who are feeling burnt out or you lead a team who might be experiencing it, this Bootcamp is for you. We will dive deep into how you and your team can reenergize to find more balance, purpose, and wellness. As with all Leadership Bootcamps, you will explore the topic via an assessment, framework for addressing and group discussion to process it all. And of course, you will also receive a 1:1 executive coaching session to dive deeper into your own relationship with burnout, redefine your goals, or create an action plan.
Leading Through Failure
Remember how great you felt the last time you failed? Of course not! No one wants to fail but it is a fact of life. What if you could reframe failure as a strategic resource that fuels you, your team and your organization to greater success going forward? This Bootcamp introduces a 7-stage framework to leverage failure as Catalyst to drive innovation, improve performance and strengthen culture. And of course, you will also receive a 1:1 executive coaching session to either dive deeper into your own relationship with failure, redefine your goals, or create an action plan.
Leading Through Coaching
What is the difference between leadership and executive coaching? What is the difference between coaching and managing? What are the benefits of group coaching vs. one:one coaching? When surveying our professional audience about what resources would help them in their career, coaching is the top-rated response. But what is it and given the cost of engaging a coach, is it worth the investment.? This Bootcamp reframes coaching not just as a practice, but as a mindset. We will explore how you can apply your own strengths to create a coaching mindset at work and introduce you to SOAR, Forté’s Coaching Framework that you can use to coach direct reports, colleagues, and even yourself.

Meet the Executive Coach

Valerie Paul
Valerie Paul
Leadership Bootcamp Executive Coach
Valerie Paul is passionate about helping people, especially women, succeed and grow in all areas of life. Valerie is well-known in the Forté community for her impact as a coach and facilitator in the Rise, MBA Takeoff, and Career Takeoff programs. She is often engaged by participants post-program to continue on as their private coach. She received her MBA from the University of Texas and coach training through Coach U.

Meet the Faculty

Cydnee DeToy
Cydnee DeToy
Career + Empowerment Coach - Leading through Burnout
Cydnee DeToy is a Career + Empowerment Coach, helping ambitious women redefine their relationships with work, recharge from burnout and create careers and lives on their own terms. She believes our lives should feel as good as our resumes look.

Cydnee has been battling burnout and redesigning her career for the past eight years. She knows how to create a fulfilling and energizing career because she has done it herself and has helped dozens of clients do the same.

As a coach since 2019, Cydnee has helped over 50 women reimagine their lives since then. Cydnee left her executive-level role to follow her calling and scale her coaching business in 2023.

She has worked with clients at Meta, Tiktok, Bain, Deloitte, PwC, Mayer Brown, Christie’s, The North Face and numerous start-ups and social impact organizations.

Cydnee is a former strategy consultant, head of people + culture, chief of staff and executive leader. She draws on her training in business, coaching and yoga in her work with clients.

Cydnee has an MBA from NYU Stern, BA from George Washington University and is certified by the Co-Active Training Institute.

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John Danner
John Danner, JD, MPH, MEd
Strategist & Innovation Catalyst - Leading Through Failure
John Danner has extensive experience advising and managing both large, complex organizations and emerging startup ventures. As a consultant, entrepreneur, lawyer and public official, his work has centered on helping organizations deal with the leadership, strategy and innovation challenges of unprecedented change. As a faculty member at the University of California Berkeley and Princeton University, he has taught executives, graduate and undergraduate students from around the world; in addition to conducting seminars on leadership, strategy, innovation and entrepreneurship for other organizations. An author of two best-sellers, he is also a popular speaker at conferences worldwide.

Consulting: Mr. Danner has worked closely with senior executive teams on a broad range of strategic issues in a diverse array of private, public and nonprofit clients. His clients include Global 1000 enterprises, various government agencies, sovereign wealth funds, and universities, as well as high-tech and social venture startups. Engagements range from long- term strategy and innovation initiatives to change management, technology integration, process improvement, and executive development.

Teaching: In addition to his regular courses as a Senior Fellow at UC Berkeley’s Haas Business School and visiting faculty member at Princeton, he has launched popular campus- wide courses on entrepreneurship to address global challenges and interdisciplinary seminars on failure and innovation. Each year he also anchors various executive education programs for thousands of senior-level leaders from business, government and nonprofit sectors around the world.

Writing: He is the co-author of the Wall Street Journal bestseller, Built for Growth: How Builder Personality Shapes Your Business, Your Team, and Your Ability to Win (Harvard Business Review Press), about the personality characteristics of highly successful entrepreneurs; as well as the Amazon bestseller, The Other ‘F’ Word: How Smart Leaders, Teams, and Entrepreneurs Put Failure to Work (John Wiley & Sons). His articles and interviews have appeared in the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Financial Times, Entrepreneur, Inc., Forbes, The Economist, Chief Executive and many other US and global media channels.

Speaking: Mr. Danner is a frequent keynote speaker in different forums around the world, on topics from his books, innovation, leadership challenges in the 21st century, strategy and entrepreneurship including talks on the TEDGlobal and various TEDx stages.

Education: Mr. Danner holds the JD, MPH and MAEd degrees from UCBerkeley; and received his AB cum laude from Harvard College.

Personal: He and his wife live in Berkeley, CA, and have three adult sons. He enjoys travel, cartography, and jigsaw puzzles, among many other interests.

Amy Orlov
Amy Orlov
Accredited Strengths Profile Practitioner - Leading Through Coaching
Amy is the Director of Professional Programs at Forté, a role in which she introduces women to new ideas and deep networks. She is constantly finding new ways to leverage and extend Forté's programming to provide additional impact for women in college, MBA and professional audiences. Amy is also a co-author and architect of the Forté Allies for Gender Equity initiatives which offer men a framework to be stronger allies in gender equity.

Prior to Forté, Amy was the Director of Professional Education and Training at the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC), managing a portfolio of onsite and online conferences, symposia and training events. Prior to that, Amy was the Director of the MBA Program Office and Student Services at the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania. Throughout her career, Amy has also worked as an educational consultant, providing clients with program design and delivery, assessment and strategy input, and workshop facilitation and leadership program development. Amy holds a Master of Education from the University of Maryland, and a Master of Government and a B.A. in Communications from the University of Pennsylvania. She lives in Philadelphia with her human, canine, and feline daughters.
Diana Saiz
Diana Saiz
Certified Professional in Talent Development - Leading Through Coaching
Diana Saiz is a Certified Professional in Talent Development with a Masters from Florida International University Masters. She spent fifteen years specializing in human resources, leadership development, and employee engagement in both Miami and New York City before settling in central Florida, where she taught career courses at the Warrington College of Business at the University of Florida. Today Diana is a valuable member of the Forté team working to support women in business. She contributes her skills and extensive experience to teaching women the value of developing a coaching culture as they rise up the leadership ranks.

To find out if Leadership Bootcamp is the right next-step for your career goals, schedule a 1-on-1 session with a member of the Professional Solutions team or for more information email us!


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