Business School Campus Visits

Although it’s possible to research MBA programs without leaving your home, there is still no substitute for meeting the admissions personnel of potential schools face-to-face.  And the best way to do that is to schedule a campus visit, attend one of the many MBA fairs, or meet during an interview.

No matter how much research you’ve done, there’s no substitute for walking the campus. Get a feel for the culture. During your visit you may find that students are friendly and motivated, or you may discover the atmosphere is too competitive and intense. Find out who excels at the school.

Ask yourself: is the campus diverse? Will you meet students from many different backgrounds? Inquire about the alumni. What type of success are they enjoying? If available, set up times to meet with faculty and sit in on MBA courses that are in your area of interest.

 If the business school is in a new area or city, take the time to explore the areas you might live and the local attractions.

Dress business casual with shoes that are comfortable for walking. Most of your time will be spent during recruiting events. Use your discretion on dressing down slightly for informal chats and student meetings.

Bring a notepad or laptop to take notes about what you observe during the visit. You should visit several schools during your MBA application process and notes will help you remember what you like best about each school. Bring business cards to share and prepare questions for each event you will attend.

If you’re considering schools far from your current location, visiting campuses may seem undoable. When you consider the time, expense and potential benefit of your chosen program, you want to make absolutely certain you’re finding your best fit.