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Forté Men as Allies Initiative

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Men who champion gender equity—known as male allies—help businesses, women, men, and families win bigger. Businesses with more women leaders reap better financial results. Women professionals raising children report very high life satisfaction. Men with more family involvement are in better health and happier in their marriages. Children with actively engaged fathers do better academically and socially. The list goes on.

Male business school students increasingly partner with female peers to encourage gender equity through campus male ally groups and more. Forté’s Men as Allies Online Toolkit answers questions about launching and managing a male ally group—and advances your informed involvement in this growing movement.  


  1. Get educated: Review the research
    Explore evidence of women’s professional obstacles, changing norms for men at work and home, and the business case for gender equality and men’s involvement.
  2. Get inspired: Meet men making a difference
    Learn from male allies on business school campuses and across industries as they support women’s career goals and encourage their ambitions. Listen to podcasts of b-school male allies sharing their stories.
  3. Get clear: Understand gender supportive behaviors
    Identify and incorporate behaviors that can support gender equity on the job and elsewhere.
  4. Get involved: Join the conversation
    Leverage provocative articles and videos to spark gender discussions, and discover forums that are advancing the dialogue.
  5. Get started: Download our toolkit to launch—or grow—a male ally group
    Understand key aspects of these groups, important decisions to consider, lessons learned from trailblazers, and answers to frequently asked questions.


  • Men considering starting a male ally group on campus
  • Women involved with a women’s leadership group on campus who want to get men more involved
  • Administrators and faculty who sponsor, support or work with women’s leadership and male ally groups
  • Men in any role students, faculty, administrators who want to learn what a male ally is and how he behaves
  • A resource for anyone who wants to learn about gender equality