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We invite you to become a male ally by joining the gender conversation—on campus, at work, and in life.

In this section, we share what Forté is doing in this space, and we've provided a series of short, provocative videos to provide a springboard for discussion and to help you make gender conversations with those in your own network more common and natural.

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The #Me Too Movement Has An Ally Among Future MBA's: Manbassadors
The "MeToo" movement has given a platform and powerful voice to women speaking out about both sexual misconduct and everyday gender inequities.

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How 'Men as Allies' Can Aid Women in Business Education"
On this edition of "Walk the Talk," Elissa Sangster, Forte Foundation executive director, discusses efforts to increase women's access to business schools. She speaks with Bloomberg's Scarlet Fu on "Bloomberg Markets."

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5 Ways Men Can Be Women's Allies At Work – Forbes
Men can—and must—do more to support gender equality at work. Here's where to start.

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MBA Programs Promote Men as Allies for Gender Equity
Top MBA programs around the country are working to promote gender equity by developing initiatives that turn to men as allies.

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The following videos challenge us to consider the limitations and opportunities of gender.

Discussion starter and questions


The Mask You Live In Trailer
The Representation Project

  • How would you describe the mask that men live in?
  • How much has the mask influenced your life?
  • To what extent do you think the mask perpetuates gender inequality?

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  • Why does doing something ‘like a girl’ have negative connotations?
  • How does this image affect how girls see themselves? How boys see themselves?
  • How would emphasizing women's strength affect gender inequality?

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Privileged Equilibriums (status quos)
Angry White Men

  • Do women and men express ambition differently? If so, how?
  • To what extent do you see 'angry white men' who feel disenfranchised by the increasing diversity all around them?
  • Why is it so challenging for white men to see gender (and racial) privilege? To accept it?
  • What are some ways that gender equality is good for white men?

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Care Makes a Man Stronger

  • What is our usual definition of strength for men? For women?
  • How are changing definitions of strength related to gender inequality?
  • Do you see changing definitions of strength for men as positive or negative? In either case, why?

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Fueling Women’s Ambitions from the Outset

  • What kind of messages did you get about ambition from your parents? Were there different messages from your mother and your father?
  • What reactions have you received about your ambitions? Do you think someone of a different gender would receive similar reactions?
  • What does ambition look like? How is it manifested?

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